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Diabetes-related diseases curing using stem cells

Why Diabetes is so dangerous?

diabetes treatments using stem cellsIf you do not control diabetes, it can bring to serious health complications you do not even guess about until your health care provider informs you on new diagnosis. The problems are actually similar and you are able to see it if you inspect the column “Effects”. It is of utmost importance to regulate the condition following the diet, exercising and trying to avoid stress. Change your lifestyle and you will see positive changes in disease that tends to slow down its development. Look at the most common diabetes-related diseases and learn basic information about them.





New-onset insulin-independent diabetes

New-onset insulin-independent diabetes - a  condition of diabetes, during which insulin injections are not necessary for the patient. This is the first time when diabetes is diagnosed.

Changes of blood sugar level. The disease can be partially caused by genetic factors, which are contributed by such things as age, obesity, overeating, insufficient physical activity, stress and etc.

General tiredness, weakness, frequent urination, dryness in the mouth, weight loss, deterioration of vision, sweating, thirst.

Insulin-independent diabetes

Condition that develops when the body is not able to produce insulin or use it properly.

Gene defects can be the reason of Insulin-independent diabetes, accompanied with such factors as bad nutrition, obesity, little physical activity and stress.

Chronic tiredness, weight loss, thirst and frequent wish to urinate, lethargy, vision problems.

Insulin-dependent diabetes

Insulin-dependent diabetes - chronic disease that demands insulin to be injected daily in order to survive.

The cause is genetic. The pancreas can’t produce insulin that is needed for proper functioning of the body.

Hunger, thirst, vague vision, fatigue, excretion of water via urination, weakness.

Diabetic nephropathy

Kidney disease that develops in diabetes patients.


Poor management of diabetes brings to diabetic nephropathy.

Headache, sickness, lack of appetite, vomiting, swelling, fatigue. The person feels that he is ill.

Diabetic neuropathy

Nerve disorder caused by diabetes.

Durable exposure to a high blood glucose brings to nerve damage.

The effects of diabetic neuropathy are numb arms, legs, problems with indigestion, tiredness, ED in men, frequent urination, vaginal dryness in women, faints, dizziness; diarrhea or, on the contrary, constipation.

On the way to recovery

This is frequently not enough – just to change the lifestyle. Sometimes more serious changes should be done especially when patients suffer from diabetes type I. Insulin in such cases is important to survive. Stem cell therapy in this case can be the only way to get rid of the diagnosis. Restoration of stem cells can remove faintness, enhance function of liver and nephroses, raise glucogen’s substance in muscle and normalize essential natural processes in the body letting patients do effectively without injections of insulin.

Stem cell therapy can be obtained in famous clinic – UCTC, known all over the world for its unique treatments conducted for patients with diabetes.