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Why stem cell diabetes treatment is vital

For many years researchers of stem cells and diabetes have been searching for substitutes of the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas annihilated by the immune system of the patient. Fortunately, it became real at once, though this is just a beginning. Regenerative medicine for diabetes curing become more and more widespread and is practiced already in many leading stem cell clinics across the globe.


Stem cells can cure autism? The new research may answer that

FDA has blocked human stem cells tests for decades because of ethical and medical reasons. However, some diseases like autism cannot be treated in animals, as they do not have those. That is why after a long consideration FDA has finally approved the start of the research, aimed at finding cure to autism with the stem cell therapy. The stem cells are to be taken from the child’s own umbilical cord blood, which is considered a perfect source of highly active stem cells.


How to choose anti aging procedures

It is sad when dangerous anti aging procedures are advertised and are called effective skin care remedies. The whole truth of many anti aging procedures is not unveiled, while the best anti aging secrets remain in the shadow just because they are not financed properly. If you know all truth you would probably never take such risk. The providers of anti aging procedures are aware about that therefore they prefer to hide some unpleasant facts.


Stem cell treatment for patients with eye diseases

Stem cell therapy was effectively used for enhancement of vision in patients. Embryonic stem cells of human were employed for the therapy. Advanced Cell Technology was developed that helped in treatment of macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is considered to be one of the main causes that brings to blindness of person.


A. I. Smikodub is a great Ukrainian doctor, scientist and big innovator

Aleksandr Ivanovich Smikodub was born in 1948. He graduated from Kyiv Medical Institute (1972). His interest to cell therapy treatment appeared in 1970 when he worked over the problems of nervous tissues trophicity, metabolism disorder and neurogenic dystrophy.


Medical tourism in Ukraine

Ukraine has become an alluring destination for medical tourists for a number of reasons. Its proximity to Europe and wonderful nature certainly plays its role. But it is not only that. Unique Slavic culture is of big interest to foreigners who are glad to get acquainted with the country they travel to.


What is stem cell therapy

The idea of stem cell therapy came into view long ago. The principle "like cures like" appeared in the 16th century. The medicines are effective up to the moment of metabolic breakdown, while stem cell therapy will give you durable effect. It activates healing power of the patient and lets the body renovate itself.


Unique Cell Treatment Clinic (UCTC) - regenerative medicine in Ukraine

The medical center (UCTC) was organized in 1994 by Professor Smikodub, who headed the clinic and started developing stem cell treatment. Then his son Alexandr Smikodub Jr. joined this activity. He was not only the supporter of his father’s methods, but was fully involved into work. Thanks to joined efforts of highly professional specialists more than 6500 patients received their treatment with fetal stem cells transplantation method.


The new way for curing deafness with the stem cells

UK scientists report a great advance in their attempt to find the deafness cure, after the stem cells usage to recover hearing in animals. The hearing was essentially restored after the stem cells usage to rebuild the damaged nerves of the gerbils, which pass the signal from their ears to the brain.


Multiple Sclerosis researches treatment - Cell Therapy

Cleveland, Ohio, is now a ground of one of the most important researches held by the medics nowadays. Case Western Reserve University began a research of the stem cell therapy usage for treating multiple sclerosis. It is expected, that stem cells will be able to replace and repair the damaged brain tissue, removing the reason of sclerosis and greatly easing the disease.


Cell therapy for recovering from stroke in UCTC

The Stem Cell Research & Therapy , which is and open access journal, published a study, which proved that stem cells from fat or bone marrow successfully treat and recover rats from stroke. After the treatment was applied, brain and heart functions were repaired and stabilized and all behavioral tasks were easily completed. The stem cell therapy promises a treatment for all, recovering from stroke, but many questions emerge and need to be answered. This research was aimed to solve many of them.


Cell therapy helps for curing encephalopathy

The cells of the brain are connected with each other and neurons link them. Neurons are named dendrites and axons that have a cover called myelin sheath. Electrical impulses function with chemical receptors and thanks to them the brain of the person can translate impulses into actions or thoughts. Different parts of the brain are responsible for different functions. For instance, occipital lobes are in charge of vision, while Broca’s area is in charge of speech production and etc.


Parkinson's disease stem cell curing in UCTC

Specialists think that Parkinson s disease stem cell will work due to the results of transplantation studies that were performed in 80-s of the last century. Four Parkinson’s patients participated in the study then. Scandinavian scientists harvested cells from their adrenal glands and transplanted stem cells into the brain. There are cells in adrenal glands that release dopamine and analogous substances.


New Discoveries about Insulin Production: a New Hope for Diabetics

The Danish Stem Cell Center (DanStem) specialists along with Hagedorn Research Institute scientists reported a possible breakthrough in our knowledge about natural insulin production. According to these discoveries, there is a way to convert the stem cells into beta cells that are aimed at producing insulin and can be implanted into diabetics.


Stem Cells Can Be a Cure for Arthritis

Artificial hips and knees are a modern miracle that yearly helps nearly 50000 Canadians with arthritis. Toronto Hospital is undertaking a research to replace that costly and extremely hard operation.