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  3. Сoronary heart disease
  4. Liver diseases
  5. Multiple sclerosis treatment
  6. Ulcerative colitis
  7. Diabetes treatment
  8. Treatment of Hearing Loss in UCTC
  9. Treatment of nonhealing wounds by a unique technique

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Treatment through regenarative medicine

UNIQUE CELL TREATMENT CLINIC provides comprehensive treatment that includes administration of a medicinal preparation containing fetal stem cells combined with effective conventional therapy. Our treatment uses all the latest achievements in the field of modern medicine in complex.

Fetal stem cell treatment is transplantation of suspensions of progenitor cells that form the main tissue types (ectodermal, mesodermal and endodermal) and that are later responsible for certain organs and systems of organs which perform all functions of the body.

Fetal stem cell therapy is minimally invasive and presupposes intravenous and/or subcutaneous suspension administration. Our treatment doesn’t require any surgery or other procedures as well as preliminary medication preparation.

Unlike stem cells of other origin (bone marrow, cord blood, peripheral blood, fat, etc.) fetal stem cells don’t cause any histocompatibility problems as HLA expression in the fetus is either minimal or absent at this time.

For our treatment we use different types of stem cells harvested from various germ layers of the legally aborted embryos of 5–12 weeks of gestation (development).We have developed and introduced into medical practice unique treatment schemes with a combination of various stem cell types that have different qualities considering the nature of disease, its stages and pathogenesis. This allows to achieve the maximum positive results and to ensure long-lasting effect from our therapy.


Therapeutic effects of fetal stem cell treatment

Being administered into the patient’s body fetal stem cells adapt, migrate to the lesion focus (homing), engraft and reproduce. After that they undergo specialization under regulation of the new host body (recipient), substitute lost or damaged cells and this way encourage the restoration of the cell mass and impaired body functions. Moreover, fetal stem cells produce vital biologically active substances such as various tissues growth and proliferation factors, hormones, ferments, systems of cell and tissue regulation.

The effects observed in patients after fetal stem cell treatment comprise all levels of organization and functioning of human organism and are arranged systematically.

We have distinguished the following basic therapeutic effects of fetal stem cell treatment:

  1. Rapid and essential improvement of patients’ mental and physical activities, improvement of sleep and appetite, conative component, stabilization and improvement of mood, positive psychophysiological changes, in particular in such areas as thinking, attention and memory.
  2. Reconstitution of suppressed hematopoiesis (normalization of erythrocyte, lymphocyte, leukocyte, and thrombocyte counts).
  3. Restoration of the immune system competence depending on what is beneficial for the patient in his/her current condition and stage of the disease.
  4. Stimulation of organs and tissues reparation functions, improvement of trophism in damaged tissues, restoration of impaired metabolism, slowing down the aging process and a very vivid effect of "functional rejuvenation".
  5. Normalization of homeostasis – maintenance of the constant internal environment as a whole, and carbohydrate, lipid, water and electrolyte metabolism in particular.

The effects of fetal stem cell treatment for many diseases and conditions are far beyond the possibilities of any other contemporary method

However, we should understand that fetal stem cell treatment is not a panacea for all diseases. But our unique cell treatment achieves realistic goals – it restores lost functions, inhibits severe diseases progression, compensates or substitutes defects caused by different illnesses, fights against aging and substantially improves the quality of life.

List of contraindications for stem cell treatment is limited and very specific.

No adverse reactions and/or complications were observed after the treatment with fetal stem cells.

Bacteriological and virological sterility and safety of fetal cell suspensions are ensured by application of the world testing standards, compliance with the rules of suspension preparation and safety precautions applicable in the work with biological material. 
UNIQUE CELL TREATMENT CLINIC provides the treatment that includes fetal stem cells transplantation in compliance with ethic guidelines and scientific standards approved at the state level by the Ministry of Healthcare. We are proud to have followed these principles for all the years of our work.

We have the most extensive clinical experience of fetal stem cells application in the world. Our patients undergo a full range of diagnostics and clinical therapy and receive constant medical consultations after the treatment.

The advantages of fetal stem cell treatment