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What is cell therapy

kletochnaja_terapijaThe idea of cell therapy came into view long ago. The principle "like cures like" appeared in the 16th century. The medicines are effective up to the moment of metabolic breakdown, while cell therapy will give you durable effect. It activates healing power of the patient and lets the body renovate itself.

The positive effect of cell therapy was discovered accidentally in 1931 when Paul Niehans, Swiss physician, had to transplant the glands taken from the steer to save woman's life. There was no time for operation and he just mashed the cells taken from fine slices of parathyroid gland in saline solution, took hypodermic needle and loaded the mix. It happened purely intuitively. It was clear that the woman will not survive if she waits longer for surgery. The colleagues were at a loss observing all this, but the surgery turned out to be successful. Right after injection her convulsions stopped and she lived 30 years more. She died when she was over 90. Even Niehans did not expect that the effect would be so durable. He thought that he would have to make the injection again. But the continuing effect surprised all. Transplantation of fresh cells was not followed by negative reaction. Quite on the contrary, the effect was long-lasting and it was better than the effect provided by implant, synthetic hormone or grafting.

After that the treatment received its popularity and Dr. Niehans continued making injections, treating the most famous people of the world. He administered transplantation of fresh cells to thousands of people who needed it badly.

Cell therapy uses pieces of cells taken from other organs, fetuses, embryos of animals. The injections are made to eliminate cellular damage and stimulate healing of the sick organs. Cell therapy treatment is referred to alternative ways to treat cancer, Down syndrome, arthritis, Parkinson's disease, heart problem.

Some patients agree to cell therapy to rejuvenate the body. They try to get rid of aging effects, improve sexual stamina and just to enhance health in general.

Usually the cells of healthy animal is taken and injected to the damaged part of the body that requires treatment. Different type of cells can be transplanted depending on the organ that needs restoration. When liver is damaged then cells of animal liver are employed.

Those who support this alternative treatment say that live cells are brought to the place when they are required most of all. Therapeutic agents contained in the animal tissue of fetus and embryo can restore damage and make immune system heal itself.