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Alzheimer's Disease Treatment through regenerative medicine

Fetal stem cell treatment is effective for all degenerative brain diseases including Alzheimer’s disease at all stages. Positive results of the treatment are observed in all cases. Fetal stem cell transplantation completely prevents further development of the disease in 75% of patients or at least substantially slows down progressive deterioration of the brain cortex functions. A lot of specific functions become gradually restored.

The best effects of the treatment (up to 90% cases) are achieved at initial stages of the disease when first neurological and mental symptoms occur. Fetal stem cells also take part in treatment of concomitant diseases and conditions of other organs and systems, thus making the main disease course lighter and sometimes eliminating the cause of brain degeneration.

At the late stages of the disease and in cases of pronounced mental disorders the treatment effects resolve themselves into improvement of the quality of life (overall condition, appetite, sleep, normalization of body weight, etc.).

Enhancing the patient’s quality of life at different stages of the disease, therapy with fetal stem cells thereby facilitates patient care by relatives and friends.

In patients with Alzheimer's disease, 2 (sometimes 3) courses of treatment are recommended during the first year, and then one course in 1–2 years to retain and enhance the results. One treatment course for Alzheimer's disease at UNIQUE CELL TREATMENT CLINIC, as a rule, takes 2 or 3 days.