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Anti-aging treatment in UCTC - we can really help you

Unique Cell Treatment Clinic has developed a comprehensive program with fetal stem cell application for anti-aging treatment. You can undergo the anti-aging therapy at any age and receive the positive result.

With age, potential for regeneration in the human body declines; it is a clear cause of many diseases and pathological conditions. Strenuous work schedule, environmental factors, ecological situation in the world only enhance this process and inhibit complete restoration of the body resources in a period of rest.

Most anti-aging preparations and anti-aging programs are aimed to stimulate reparative systems of the human body that already function at the limit. Achieving rapid but short-term success, stimulation of the body resources thus only complicates this problem in the future and, in our opinion, does even more harm to health. You cannot always stimulate your body with tonics, natural hormones, stimulators of metabolic processes for anti-aging effect and at the same time to expose yourself to enormous mental load at work and physical load afterwards.

When to start using anti-aging programs

A person engaged in professional sports or rough physical labor, even though being trained, has a whole multitude of diseases of one or more body systems already in the middle age. This dramatically affects the quality of life and leads to problematic and uncomfortable old age thus making anti-aging procedures ineffective. The situation is even worse with people who actually do not relax, doing intellectual work around the clock. Everlasting stress, competition, irregular nutrition, lack of daytime and evening relaxation, constant sense of responsibility, constant search for new ideas and means for achievement of objectives – these are the factors that exhaust human body more intensive than physical activity.

All problems associated with it, modern medicine describes as an "office worker syndrome". It includes such problems as prostatitis in men, or adnexal affection in women, lumbar spine osteochondrosis, cervical osteochondrosis, hernia of last or next-to-last lumbar vertebra, vision declining, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome, and finally, ischemic heart disease.

Effects of anti-aging  treatment with fetal stem cells

UCTC offers not to stimulate restorative resources of the body with anti-aging remedies, but to substitute them. After our antiaging therapy, fetal stem cells will restore a range of vital body functions, adjust metabolism, balance hormones, improve the trophic (nutrition and blood supply) of tissues and organs; that undoubtedly will lead to improvement of work capacity, prevention of different diseases and enhancement of life quality.

Naturally, such system changes contribute to skin regeneration, improvement of its elasticity and ability to self-renew, which leads to improvement in its appearance and great anti-aging result.

anti aging - our doctors can help you

A separate direction in anti-aging treatment program is a therapy for women of mature age (2nd period). Hormonal restructuring during the transition to menopause (perimenopause), and subsequently menopause, dramatically affects the quality of life, reduces work capacity. During this time, 30% of women have real health problems because of development of climacteric syndrome. Our anti-aging treatment (in combination with conventional treatment or without it) significantly reduces manifestations of these problems. The course of anti-aging treatment in our clinic softens and makes more comfortable transition to menopause, without reducing work capacity and compromising life quality of women.

This will allow you, dear women, to cope with all of your life's problems and always look good thanks to anti-aging treatment practiced by us.

Application of fetal stem cells in anti-aging therapy, along with treatment of multiple sclerosis, parkinsons disease and diabetes, is highly effective for the patients and allows achieve positive results.

The course of anti-aging program at Unique Cell Treatment Clinic, as a rule, takes 2 days.


After conducting the procedure of organism revitalization with preparations based on fetal cell suspensions patients have the following effects:

All the internal organs "refresh": metabolism, functional activity of heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system and reproductive organs are restored and improved, this leads to vitality increase, efficiency improvement, increasing of libido etc.


Restoring of immunity, hormones and metabolism in the body, this is of great importance in the prevention of various diseases of vessels and internal organs, as well as pathological conditions of oncological and infectious nature.
The development of additional collateral vascular microcirculatory bloodstream is also noticed, it ensures trophisms and the delivery of oxygen, nutrients to all tissues (especially skin) and organs, which give significant external rejuvenation: skin tone restoring, wrinkles smoothing, pigmentation elimination, strengthening of hair structure and nails. Fetal stem cells restore a number of essential body functions, adjust metabolism, balance the hormonal background of a person, improve trophism (nutrition and blood supply) of tissues and organs that will undoubtedly lead to improvement in working activity, disease prevention and life quality increasing.


Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease are severe autoimmune diseases in which the pursued traditional anti-inflammatory therapy is symptomatic, and this disorder often causes surgery and patient’s disability.
The medical center (UCTC) was organized in 1994 by Professor Smikodub, who headed the clinic and started developing stem cell treatment. Then his son Alexandr Smikodub Jr. joined this activity.


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