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Anti Aging Physicians Unite!

How should one find out that he applied to highly qualified anti aging specialist? If you live in the United States then you should know that physicians in the specialty of anti-aging medicine are certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. But this filed is not accepted as established medical organization and does not have the same status as American Board of Medical Specialties, for instance. This organization does not only certify anti aging physicians but trains them too. More than 26 000 specialists received the certificate from this non profit organization in 2011. The aim of the organization is to support anti ageing doctors and health practitioners who work in this sphere.

The activities include the promotion of advanced technologies and methods that are used by anti aging physicians. The organization also tries to solve various anti aging issues that anti ageing doctors face from time to time. A4M (short for American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) also unites research experts and motivates to make discoveries in this branch. At the same time it does not endorse some particular treatments as it unites anti aging physicians that practice different methods.

Let us have a look who entered the organization:

  • 85% of its members are anti aging physicians;
  • 12% of members are involved in the sphere of research and science as well as health care practitioners;
  • 3% belong to officials from the governmental structures and representatives of public.

How anti aging doctors should be chosen

The issue of certification raises much controversy therefore it can be hard for patients to understand how to choose the right expert among anti ageing doctors. Every person should understand that aging is inevitable, but even with this understanding this is psychologically hard. It would be easier if you apply to right anti aging specialist, who will guide you through the process that can be hard. You should avoid the anti aging physicians that give false promises. Upon the whole, aging is a natural process and you should admit it. It can be challenging to find the real expert in anti aging because he should be an expert in many spheres at once. Anti ageing doctors should be broadly-based and well-rounded to provide quality approach. It can be hard to check it but there are several things you should keep away from:

  • When doctor offers compounded bioidentical hormones to you.
  • When doctor promises too much.
  • When doctor suggests HGH (human growth hormone).
  • Beware of the specialist, who says that he is board-certified because this credential is not recognized by American Board of Medical Specialists.
  • You should keep away from the doctor who asserts that you have hormone imbalance without a blood test.
  • If the treatment is vague you should not take it. The doctor should be able to prove that remedies you are going to apply are safe. There must be publications of clinical studies that were previously conducted on the therapy.