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Autism treatment by the unique method

The word "autism" occurred in 1910 and was invented by Eugene Blair for 'morbid narcissism "or" autistic withdrawal of the patient to his fantasies, against which any influence from outside becomes an intolerable violation".

Autism is a condition caused by disruption of the central nervous system and appears as a disorder of perception and understanding of the world.

There is no reliable data about the cause of autism and autistic spectrum disorders, but recent studies show that it is based on violation of several genes provoked by the negative impact of the environment and homeostasis disorder. It leads to the changes in various brain areas such as: excess of neurons, migration (wrong position) of neurons during pregnancy, unbalanced neuro-inhibitory networks, violation of the formation and functioning of synapses.

Interaction of the immune and nervous systems plays an important role in autism, as well as various metabolic disorders, which can significantly affect the functioning of both nervous and immune systems. People with autistic spectrum disorders, in contrast to ordinary people, have no intuitive understanding of the world (an extreme form of self-isolation). The main difficulties people with such disorders experience in 3 social areas: communication, interaction and imagination, it is so-called "triad of impairments in autism," which appears in developmental delay and unwillingness to make contact with others. In some cases, the child is diagnosed with "autism" not due to the stop of development, but due to the loss of speech or social skills, usually between the ages of 15 and 30 months, so-called "regressive autism" and it is a specific type of disorder.

Autism treatment is symptomatic and actually is reduced to behavioral correction, prevention of seizures or aggression, including self-injury with the use of psychotropic medications (antidepressants, stimulants, antipsychotics), and also anticonvulsants, which can be unsafe as children and adults with autistic disorders may respond to the treatment inadequately.


Treatment with fetal stem cells is aimed at eliminating of the causes of the disease and has several directions:

1. Restoration of damaged neurons and their processes with the restoration of their normal functioning (by cells of ectodermal origin).

2. Correction of immunity, the so-called micro-immunotherapy (cells of mesodermal origin). Fetal stem cells are the only source of stem cells of neuroectoderm of natural origin - neuronal precursors; therefore their use in treatment of neurological diseases is the most effective comparing with other types of stem cells.

The effectiveness of treatment depends on the initial state of the patient. Treatment should be started as soon as possible after the diagnosis was made, and it should be necessarily accompanied by correctional therapy and work with psychologists. Not less important is the correction of immunity and metabolic disorders.

Autism and autistic spectrum disorders are among the most complicated neurological diseases followed by psychological disorders, and therefore they require long-term treatment and recovery. Taking into account the fact that we have found the way out of this difficult situation using fetal stem cells and achieved good results such diseases as cerebral palsy, delayed psycho-motor and speech development, organic brain damage (consequences of infections, injuries, including birth traumas, strokes) also can be treated successfully.


After the course of cell therapy based on fetal cell suspensions in patients with autism and autism spectrum disorders the following improvements are expected:

Improvement of behavior and responses to other people and environment.


Improvement of attention and ability to learn
Reduction of aggression and self-injury Improving of social skills, including self-service 


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