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Diabetic nephropathy treatment

Diabetic nephropathy is a specific damage of renal vessels in diabetes mellitus, accompanied by the formation of glomerulosclerosis (replacement of functioning renal parenchyma with connective tissue) and development ultimately chronic renal failure. As a rule, this complication of diabetes begins to develop in 3-5 years after onset of the disease, the maximum peak of incidence falls on the duration of the disease more than 10-15 years. Frequency of diabetic nephropathy in type 1 diabetes mellitus is about 40%, in type 2  - about 30%. To the development and progression of nephrosclerosis promote such risk factors as male gender, older age, genetic predisposition, smoking, hypertension, elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood. Diabetic nephropathy has 5 stages of development, and, early manifestations of renal damage are asymptomatic, clinical symptoms arise at death and sclerosis of already a significant part (about 50-70%) of the renal glomeruli at the IV stage of the process. "Kidney" complaints occur in patients when appears persistent proteinuria (protein level in the urine is more than 300 mg/day) and are characterized by high blood pressure, appearance of edema, development of anemia, sharp progression of other diabetes complications (retinopathy, the formation of "diabetic foot"), as well as fatigue, general weakness, recurrent headaches and nausea. With the development of end-stage (stage V) diabetic nephropathy (chronic renal failure), glomerular filtration rate becomes less than 10 ml/min - the kidneys are not able to excrete toxic metabolic products. When the creatinine level is above 500 mmol/l, the only way to maintain the patient's life becomes conducting extracorporeal blood purification (hemodialysis). Therefore, it is important to diagnose diabetic nephropathy at the earlier (pre-clinical) stages and timely begin appropriate treatment to slow the progression of the process.

Comprehensive treatment of diabetic nephropathy in diabetes mellitus of any type using fetal stem cells offered at UCTC clinic allows to carry out preventive treatment and to prevent further development. Our treatment is based on the ability of stem cells to replace damaged kidney cells, run the processes of restoration of renal capillaries, block the development of renal fibrosis. This is especially important in the early (I-III) stages of diabetic nephropathy, when it is necessary to maximally retard progression of nephrosclerosis. In the later stages of the process development the treatment based on fetal stem cells leads to decrease in the severity of renal edema, hypertension, anemia, as well as reduction in creatinine and hyperkalemia levels. In the terminal (uremic) V stage of the process, transplantation of fetal stem cells is a treatment of "supporting" nature, which allows to restore the maximum possible amount of damaged nephrons, protect the remaining healthy cells, maintain the renal function, stopping further deterioration of chronic renal failure. This allows to improve the quality of  life of the patient, increase the intervals between hemodialysis sessions, minimize complications such as general weakness, apathy, headache, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, rashes and itchy skin.

The course of treatment of diabetic nephropathy in the Unique Cell Treatment Clinic by preparations on the basis of fetal stem cells lasts 2-5 days depending on the stage of the disease.

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