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Fading potency and cell therapy

fading potency stem cellsThis is inevitable that potency fades with time. It has nothing to do with aging but lifestyle, the behavior of the person, tobacco and alcohol addition tell on it greatly. Almost every man after 40 experiences such problems at least sometimes, so there is nothing to be ashamed of. This is natural and can’t be escaped. However, it becomes a big stress for the man. He doesn’t have male might and starts feeling bad. Inferiority complex can generate such serious complications that some men refuse from intimacy altogether.

In accordance with calculations, the problem of fading potency is a matter of concern for 140 million of men all over the world. Some people can find the right remedy and have no problems with it. They look through the forums, collect all info, analyze it and choose the best way.

The doctors can prescribe the medications that all work according to the same principle. They disable PDE5 enzyme therefore cGMP are not broken down in the male organ. Therefore the relaxation of the arteries follows and the arteries are diluted. Diluted veins are filled with blood and this brings to erection. When people make love this is all about chemistry, but this description is really great because it reflects the real state of things. This complicated chemistry that shows how erection is caused is a good proof of this phrase. The drugs can work greatly for you but this solution is not perfect. First of all, it can be hard to find the medication that suits you. Such thing is impossible to predict and there is no universal solution for every person. What is effective for one person does not suit the other. Moreover, every medication has a lot of serious side effects. Any side effect would be quite inappropriate because when romance is planned there is no place for discomfort. Instead of romance the person gets quite negative emotions and a bunch of unpleasant side effects: dizziness, headache, flushing, swelling and so on. The medication should be prescribed by the doctor only to avoid unpleasant sensations.

Regenerative medicine is progressive method against fading potency

The problem of fading potency is rather topical as it breaks the relationships and families. It is better to solve it once and forever. It is great when you don’t have to take the pill to look strong in front of your lady. You will not worry about anything in this case. Only such conditions can bring to overall relaxation. Relying on drugs you will never get it. Why suffer from the problems and risk your relationship if there is a possibility to get rid of the problem forever! Our specialists will return happiness to your life with stem cell treatment. Stem cell provide the ability of self renewal, when a cell regenerates by mitotic divisions. One cell is divided into two similar daughter cells that will replace the cells that cause your problems. This is easy solution with minimal efforts.