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  2. Autism
  3. Сoronary heart disease
  4. Liver diseases
  5. Multiple sclerosis treatment
  6. Ulcerative colitis
  7. Diabetes treatment
  8. Treatment of Hearing Loss in UCTC
  9. Treatment of nonhealing wounds by a unique technique

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Medical tourism in Ukraine

ukraine-scenicUkraine has become an alluring destination for medical tourists for a number of reasons. Its proximity to Europe and wonderful nature certainly plays its role. But it is not only that. Unique Slavic culture is of big interest to foreigners who are glad to get acquainted with the country they travel to. Many cultural venues can be visited in Kiev, the capital of the country.

Bustling and busy city life with chic restaurants, spectacular architecture, excellent museums – all this can be found here. You can walk along its streets and enjoy the beautiful sights of the city. But what is more important than all this: there are excellent medical facilities of high class level while the service is reasonably priced. The reputation of Ukrainian specialists is increasing on the international arena. More and more medical research works of Ukrainian specialists are highly assessed by foreign colleagues. They can practice in state owned and private clinics. State owned clinics desperately lacks financing as a rule and people frequently prefer to apply there for quality treatment.

As international standards of treatment and care develop, foreign citizens like to come to Ukraine to receive treatment. The competitive prices become an additional factor in favor of treatment on Ukrainian land. But when famous internationally recognized doctors bring relief to thousands of incurable patients, this factor alongside with all others, makes Ukraine a special destination point for people from abroad. In this way they can receive treatment here that they can’t find in other place. All this can be said about clinic UCTC that is located in Kiev. The clinic specialized on fetal stem cell therapy (in vivo) and saves lives to all those who desperately strive for help. The first experience of this kind date back to 1994 but since that time thousands of people has improved their way of life. BBC documentary called this medical center «Last Hope Clinic» and it vividly reflects the attitude of many patients to this place.

Professor Alexander Smikodub Sr. dedicated his life to the research in this branch of medicine. His son followed his steps and patients from all over the world can be treated with fetal stem cell transplantation methods developed in this clinic. ukrainian_doctorsThe results are striking and even the most hopeless cases can be cured here. The proffessionals of the clinic help control and/or treat chronic diseases and conditions such as diabetes, parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis etc.

It is also great to recuperate in Ukraine after the patient receives necessary treatment. Fantastic mountains with its clear air and amazing sea in the South of the country offer much interesting for tourists. There is much to explore in Ukraine while excellent infrastructure is ready to accommodate guests with any budget.