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Optic nerve atrophy - prorgessive method of treatment 

optic nerve atrophy treatmentImages that we see are carried from the eye to the brain and back by optic nerve. Separate parts of visual information are carried by million of nerve fibers to make a general image in our brain. This disease leads to the destruction of the optical nerve.

Symptoms of optic nerve atrophy

Optic nerve atrophy has some similar with other diseases symptoms. But presence of two or more symptoms at once should make you address your eye doctor for eye examination.

The main indications of this disease are:

  • vital eyes complete
  • pale optic nerve
  • changes in the optic disc

Remember, optic nerve atrophy treatment has not been allready found, so try to prevent the disease.

Causes of optic nerve atrophy

Destruction of the optical nerve may be caused by eye injury or some kind of eye trauma or other eye diseases. Women who are under 35 optic nerve atrophy treatment is easier because the disease could be recognised very early. To make recovery easier mark everything that happens to your eyes.

Optic nerve atrophy treatment in home conditions

Many local diseases are connected with health condition of body in whole, so optic nerve atrophy treatment is making them better. That means diet and life style causes better or worse state of different organs, including eyes.

If you want to prevent such disease or make optic nerve atrophy treatment easier follow some special advices:

  1. Do not drink alcohol (or drink less)
  2. Do not drink home-brewed alcohol and alcohol that is not intended for drinking
  3. Do not smoke
  4. Be on diet - reduce drinking caffeine and avoid man made fats.

Medical optic nerve atrophy treatment

There is not any effective optic nerve atrophy treatment, but scientists all over the world work around this question. If the disease is diagnosed on early phase it could be corrected and further damage can be avoided – that is the easiest way of recovery.

Using cell therapy we can get effective result of optic nerve atrophy treatment . It's proved that stem cell could transfer into different types of cells, even brain ones. The ability of producing more stem cells gives good score in optic nerve atrophy treatment. Stem cells are implanted behind the eye. This stem cells will replace damaged nerve and help the patient to become healthy.