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Regenerative medicine and diabetes in UCTC

For many years researchers of stem cells and diabetes have been searching for substitutes of the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas annihilated by the immune system of the patient. Fortunately, it became real at once, though this is just a beginning. Regenerative medicine for diabetes curing become more and more widespread and is practiced already in many leading stem cell clinics across the globe.

Why stem cell diabetes treatment is vital

Annually, diabetes becomes the cause of death for many people in the world. Let us have a look why research of stem cells and diabetes is essential:

  • The number of people affected by diabetes is more than the number of people who suffered from AIDS and breast cancer together. Therefore stem cell diabetes treatment can be vital for patients who had to bear the commitment of therapy during all life.
  • It was reported that more than 200,000 Americans die from it every year. Research of stem cells and diabetes is able to reduce this figure considerably. Stem cells and diabetes are examined to relieve life of these people.
  • Diabetes entered the top of diseases that bring to death in US. It took the seventh place in the list. According to the experts' opinion advances in the studies of stem cells and diabetes are able to make the disease less dangerous and take it out from the top of the most common diseases.
  • In accordance with figures of the American Diabetes Association, 16 million people of US citizen have this diagnosis. To make this fact more impressing it is worthwhile mentioning that it is 5.9% of US population.
  • Type 1 diabetes affects children making their life hard and deteriorating their general state of health provoking complications of health. It brings to blindness, heart troubles, kidney failures, neuropathy, strokes, amputations.
  • About 1,500 patients diagnosed with type 1 diabetes obtain pancreas transplants. 83% of them do not have symptoms of disease in a year and this is a great result. However, it is impossible to provide transplants for all people with diabetes. The demand is much higher. Therefore people had to stay on powerful medications that aim to suppress destructive work of immune system. Stem cell diabetes curing (regenarative medicine) would be able to remove the necessity for transplantable pancreas.

No medication has been invented so far to cure it and all is left for this people is only to control it. If you have type 1 diabetes then you have to test insulin from time to time during the day and take insulin. After stem cell diabetes treatment conducted in our clinic, you may significantly decrease the dosage of insulin intake, and increase the intervals between necessary tests. Dynasty of Smikodub has been working over it for decades and you will take advantages of the latest achievement in stem cell diabetes treatment.