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Rheumatoid arthritis - treatment through regenerative medicine 

It is an autoimmune disease which arises a chronic inflammation of joints. The first description of this disease and rheumatoid arthritis treatment was in 1800 by the French physician Dr Augustin Jacob Landré-Beauvais. 1% of people in the world (women often than men) suffer with autoimmune disease. At this disease periarticular fabrics are inflamed, and also other organes may be amazed. At autoimmune disease of a fabric of a body are exposed to an attack of own immune system by mistake. The immune system develops antibodies for infection destruction. At autoimmune diseases these antibodies attack organism fabrics, accepting them for an infection. The rheumatic arthritis is chronic and system illness and can amaze and other organes of a body. 

Diagnostics of rheumatoid arthritis

Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are not usually sharp at first year or even more. Diagnose of a rheumatic arthritis can be made by the doctor specialising on rheumatoid arthritis treatment (rheumatologist), because there are no special analyses. The doctor in a complex considers the symptoms shown at the patient and surveys joints on an inflammation, a tumour, and form change and also prescribes some rheumatoid arthritis treatment. Also X-rays of the extremities are prescribed to make diagnostics more accurate.

This disease could also be treated by several different methodics, such as monitoring progression or differential diagnoses.

Till today, the reason for this kind of an autoimmune disease is not identified. Viruses, bacteria, and mushrooms cannot be the occurrence reason. Worldwide scientists search of means for rheumatoid arthritis treatment. Activation of special, allready found, genes could be caused in some people by environment factors. In a consequence of it there can be also inflammations in such organes, as lungs or eyes. That makes rheumatoid arthritis treatment more complicated. 

Rheumatoid arthritis - stem cell therapy

First proposed was pharmacological rheumatoid arthritis treatment. The problem of rheumatoid arthritis treatment is solved in several various techniques. Biological methods of rheumatoid arthritis treatment gives 50 % of recovery. Stem cell therapy is capable to increase this indicator to 80 % of percent. Thus, it has not been revealed any by-effects of stem cell therapy at rheumatoid arthritis treatment.