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  1. Anti-aging treatment
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  3. Сoronary heart disease
  4. Liver diseases
  5. Multiple sclerosis treatment
  6. Ulcerative colitis
  7. Diabetes treatment
  8. Treatment of Hearing Loss in UCTC
  9. Treatment of nonhealing wounds by a unique technique

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A. I. Smikodub is a great Ukrainian doctor, scientist and big innovator

Aleksandr Ivanovich Smikodub was born in 1948. He graduated from Kyiv Medical Institute (1972). His interest to cell therapy treatment appeared in 1970 when he worked over the problems of nervous tissues trophicity, metabolism disorder and neurogenic dystrophy. Working with tissues of animals he paid attention to the result received in the course of experiments. It made him examine the processes more closely.

In 1985 his work over embryonic stem cells started. He introduced clinical application of embryonic stem cells and the work in the sphere of transplantation of liver cells started. In 1991 when permission for such surgery was given by Public Health Ministry of Ukraine, Smikodub started applying them in clinical practice. The diseases that occurred because of the reduced cell count, sclerosis, dystrophies, malignancy were the first ones that obtained the treatment of this type. One scientific work followed the other. At first he gave an account of the regularities of the post-transplantation period describing them as stages, specific syndromes and non-specific syndromes.

Then in 1991 another work of A.I.Smikodub was published. The Syndrome of the Early Post-Transplantation improvements was described in this work. They refers to the suspencion stage when stem cells generate biologically active substances, such as endorphins, cytokines, biogenic amines. The syndrome appears 12-14 hours after transplantation and may stay for weeks. Many patients noticed that even when they were on a final stage of disease.

Tedious years of work are in the past and now the clinic can boast of over 6500 transplantations. He helped people in treatment of such diseases as ulcerative colitisDiabetes mellitus, Parkinson's disease etc. Professor Alexander Smikodub Sr. started the clinic and his son continued father's work. The dynasty of father and his son did a great job. Now it is famous all over the world and many people come here for stem cell treatment when there is no hope left.