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 Development of stem cell diabetes treatment

diabetes stem cell therapyMany experiments were made in order to be able to deliver stem cell diabetes treatment that is practiced now.

In the past doctors tried to cure diabetes via injections of pancreatic islet cells to patients, that is to say the cells of the pancreas, which is needed to the patients because they secrete insulin and hormones. But the demand for immunosuppressant therapy based on steroids to thwart rejection of the cells contributes to the metabolic necessity of insulin-producing cells. In the end they may exhaust their ability to make insulin. The harmful effect of steroids can be bigger for islet cell transplants, while whole-organ transplants can suffer less. Consequently, less than 8% of islet cell transplants that were fulfilled earlier had been effective.

Stem cell diabetes treatment performed in UCTC employs breakthrough approach that gives hope to many patients with diabetes. Stem cell therapy relieves patients from the necessity to take insulin and depend upon the medications.

The work of this type is conducted globally. The Diabetes Research Institute demonstrated that diabetes stem cell therapy has huge potential and is able to repair insulin function in the organism of the patient. Diabetes stem cell therapy is a treatment, millions of people will benefit from. The main goal of it is to create limitless amount of healthy cells that produce insulin.

Demand for diabetes stem cell therapy

The situation in traditional medicine is the following: organs for transplantation of pancreas are taken from the deceased people. If we look at the situation in the USA we will see the statistics that only 1,500 organs of pancreas are subjected for transplantation there. This is just a small part of what is required in the reality. For this reason stem cell diabetes injections are vitally important for patients suffering from the disease.

If diabetes stem cell treatment becomes more widespread then problematic situation with shortage of transplants will be removed.

Clinic of Smikodub (UCTC) uses stem cells in order to alleviate the shortage of cells producing insulin available for transplant to patients diagnosed with diabetes. Stem cell have two important properties that make them irreplaceable for stem cell diabetes treatment.

These properties are:

  • Fast reproduction
  • Having the potential to turn into any cell type they just wait for "instructions" that will make them programmed into definite tissue

These properties are great. They give researchers basis for fight with diabetes. Stem cell with such properties become the key to a limitless supply of insulin-producing cells.

If donor tissue is not available for you at the moment but situation requires immediate solution stem cell diabetes therapy practiced in the clinic can be a great way out.