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Stem cell treatment for diabetes – a life-changing option for many

What is a milestone of stem cell treatment for diabetes? Cell therapy for diabetes is very important because the patients have to overcome constant struggle in order to fight for required insulin levels. Beta cells do not generate the hormone without help any longer. Therefore patients seem to have the only way out: to make use of the injections all the time.

Stem cell treatment for diabetes can become a life-changing option that will put an end to struggle they go through. There is necessity for insulin pump to dispense insulin on the automatic basis. You will be able to forget all this after cell therapy for diabetes patients.

Problems of stem cell therapy for diabetes

It all sounds so good theoretically. But there are a lot of problems that arise during stem cell treatment for diabetes. Unfortunately, stem cell transplants do not always guarantee success of administration. The problem of timing is one of such things that can make cell therapy complicated. The symptoms of the disease may not be revealed until certain stage when high blood sugar levels are clearly detected. When this point is achieved the amount of beta cells may not be sufficient to deliver effective cell therapy for diabetes patients. Insufficient number of stem cells are not able to seed next population of cells that grow insulin and infusion of new portion of cells will not improve the situation though the environment will look more hospitable for growth in this case. Though the scheme is actually working, nobody can say for certain how durable it is. In previous studies the cells grew insulin for some period of time and then stopped working. For instance, working for half a year they start dying after immune attacks of the organism. That means that stem cell treatment for diabetes stops being effective.

Stem cell therapy in UCTC

UCTC, however, has succeeded in making the stem cells therapy for diabetes work longer with a chance for cells to grow. Cells are able to produce insulin for over three years. Experience was accumulated in the course of many years in the clinic of Smikodub, where patients suffering from Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosiscan also find effective solutions. Here many patients get a promise for a cure, when stem cell therapy for diabetes is conducted. The progress is supported by researchers throughout the world on condition that everything is done within ethical norms. Stem cell research continues, but lives of many patients, who apply to the clinic and have stem cell treatment for diabetes, are improved already.