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Stem cells can cure autism?

The new research may answer that 

FDA has blocked human stem cells tests for decades because of ethical and medical reasons. However, some diseases like autism cannot be treated in animals, as they do not have those. That is why after a long consideration FDA has finally approved the start of the research, aimed at finding cure to autism with the stem cells therapy.

The stem cells are to be taken from the child’s own umbilical cord blood, which is considered a perfect source of highly active stem cells.

30 kids with the autism, who are aged 2 up to 7, are now receiving stem cells from their own umbilical cord blood, stored after birth by their parents. The Cord Blood Registry, the world’s biggest cord blood bank, banked it.

The researchers from Sutter Neuroscience Institute, Sacramento, California, are sure the placebo-controlled research will show if the stem cells therapy can cure autism and improve the children behavior, speech, interaction and motion skills.

There is proven evidence that stem cells therapy can improve condition of patients with other neurological diseases like cerebral palsy,”- said Dr. Michael Chez, director of pediatric neurology at the institute.

The medics hope that autism can be treated with stem cells therapy too. It will be a real breakthrough in this area, as autism is currently considered as cureless disease.

This research does not involve the children who have autism due to brain damage or genetic disease and all of the patients will eventually receive the true stem cells. At the beginning of the research kids were split into 2 groups and the first one started receiving stem cells, while the other received the placebos. After 7 months, groups will be swapped and the second group will begin to receive the stem cells, while the first will get placebos. A plenty of similar researches were held worldwide, but this one is the first to involve the usage of the kid’s own cord blood stem cells.

The skilled nurses of the Sutter Children’s Hospital make the infusions. Every family has a room in the hospital, with TV and toys, food and beverages. Kids can relax and the hospital therapy dog visits them, bringing much joy. After the child calms down, nurse disinfects the skin with special solution before infusing the needle.

Moms are present during all 1,5 hours of the session and help kids to feel comfortable and safe. After the end of the procedure, they take their babies home with and obligatory control check 1 day after. At 6, twelve and 24 weeks, the doctors will be performing a series of measurements including blood markers and social adaptation to check the results of the therapy. Parent’s logs are also important and are thoroughly collected and analyzed.

After the end of the research, all collected data will be analyzed and the report will be published. Without doubt, it is one of the most expected reports of the recent years. Success in this research may lead to total relief of many neurological diseases.