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Treatment of nonhealing wounds by a unique technique

UCTC clinic successfully treats wounds that do not heal for a long time. Such wounds include: a diabetic foot syndrome (foot phlegmon, foot bone osteomyelitis, trophic ulcers, etc.), wounds occurred due to chronic venous and arterial insufficiency, wounds received as a result of injuries of various etiologies, bedsores and many others that do not respond to treatment by classical methods.

The specialists of the clinic have developed a unique technique that combines the introduction of preparations made on the basis of fetal stem cells and modern surgical methods using sorbents and preparations of a new generation. This combination allows you to get the effect as early as the second or third day after the start of treatment.

The problem of chronic infected wounds is becoming more acute all over the world. Up to 3% of the population of developed countries suffers from wounds that do not heal for a long time. Often such wounds are formed as a result of the disclosure of wounds in purulent processes. Already on the third day after the operation, biofilms are formed in the wound,which is today one of the most important problems of world surgery. The formation of biofilms is facilitated by traumatization, poor supply of tissues with oxygen and nutrients, entry into the wound of microorganisms (especially resistant to antibiotics), decreased production of growth factors and other factors whose role becomes especially important in diabetes mellitus. In this case, antibiotics and other antimicrobial substances do not work for microorganisms that are in the middle of biofilms, the microorganisms themselves remain alive. Due to the fact that the wounds do not heal,they become bigger and deeper, the process goes on to neighboring tissues right up to the loss of part or even of the whole limb.

Patient V,62 years old. Diagnosis – Left hip phlegmon

Patient O,68 years old. Diagnosis – diabetes mellitus type 2, neuroischemic form of diabetic foot syndrome

Patient O, 52 years old. Diagnosis – Right foot thermal burn

Admitting to Unique Cell Treatment Clinic after the classical method treatment

The innovative technique that we use in our clinic allows to stop the development of the pathological process in the wound. Laboratory and hardware examination of the patient allows to obtain exhaustive information about the patient's condition and to select an individual treatment algorithm oriented to achieve the maximum positive effect. In addition to the basic complex of examinations, each patient undergoes ultrasound of soft tissues and blood vessels, CT angiography, bacteriological and histological examination of wound contents.

Complex treatment of wounds includes:

1. In order to cleanse the wound and destroy the biofilms, the patient is subjected to a primary surgical treatment of the wound using ultrasound debridement. Ultrasonic wound debridement is a modern, contact-free, effective wound cleaning method based on the use of low-frequency ultrasound. The positive effect of low-frequency ultrasound therapy on wound healing and tissue regeneration is achieved through two components:

- cavitation effect - focused ultrasound energy is supplied to the wound with a special sterile solution, as a result of which tiny vibrating gas bubbles separate the damaged and dead tissues from healthy ones, destroy biofilms and destroy bacteria directly in the wound;

- stimulating effect - the flow of waves under high pressure promotes vasodilation, which leads to increased blood circulation and stimulation of local wound healing factors (fibroblasts, macrophages and others).

Thus, the wound effectively destroys and removes elements that negatively affect its healing by a painless method. It is important to note that ultrasonic debridement is a non-contact method. This prevents accidental additional infection of the wound and damage of healthy tissues.

2. Treatment with stem cells by the unique technique of Professor Smikodub.

Preparations produced in the biotechnology laboratory of UCTC clinic contain endothelial progenitor cells which are the most effective in treating of diseases caused by circulatory insufficiency such as lower limb ischemia and diabetes mellitus. As a result of transplantation of precursors fetal stem cells saturation of wound surfaces by endothelial growth factors takes place, it leads to the formation and growth of new blood vessels in the affected tissues. There is an acceleration of the phases of the regenerative process - the terms of cell infiltration become shorter, the rate of vasculature growth increases, as well as the formation of granulation tissue.




The histochemical method of detecting p-galactosidase showed that after transplantation of fibroblast-like fetal stem cells during the whole period of observation at the surface and in the depth of the regenerating wounds, the transplanted cells remain viable and give offspring.

Fibroblasts derived from fetal progenitor stem cells are able to simultaneously proliferate and synthesize collagen, and also produce more collagen of types III and IV, while the fibroblasts produced by the patient's own organism produce type I collagen. As a result, with the introduction of preparations containing fetal stem cells, scars become less pronounced during healing.

Thus, the progenitor stem cells administered are not only themselves a material for accelerated wound healing but also stimulate the regeneration processes of the body's own tissues.

Our investigations showed that after a complex treatment of a previously nonhealing wound with a large area of damage already on the 14th day, the wound is covered with a thin, uniform layer of epithelium. In the study of the cut, the wound was a maturing granulation tissue with a developed network of small blood vessels oriented along the wound and fibroblasts. In the deeper layers of the wound a mature connective tissue was observed. On the periphery of the wound defect, germination of multilayer epithelium was observed. Under the multilayered epithelium there was a ripening granulation tissue.

The use of preparations based on stem cells of fetal origin in the complex treatment of deep wounds of various nature makes it possible to almost halve the healing time.

Especially, the fact of achieving complete healing of wound surfaces attracts attention.

3. Stimulation of wound healing processes

The complex treatment of wounds in the Unique Cell Treatment Clinic also includes innovative vacuum therapy that provides accelerated healing and creates ideal conditions for engraftment of stem cells. Vacuum therapy provides a constant removal of a significant amount of microbial particles, improves the formation of new vessels, thereby improving the exchange of nutrients in damaged tissues, accelerating the formation of new tissues in the healing process. To create local negative pressure (topical negative pressure - TNP) instrumental vacuum dressings negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) are used.

The experts of our clinic have proved that on the fourth day after the beginning of vacuum therapy use new vessels are formed in the wound that accelerate healing.

A powerful positive effect of complex treatment of chronic wounds in our clinic is observed in a few days after the start of treatment. It is confirmed not only by the improvement of the general condition, and visual wound healing, but also by objective methods at the microscopic level.

Complex treatment of deep wounds of various natures in the Unique Cell Treatment Clinic by the method of Professor Smikodub using preparations based on stem cells of fetal origin allows to almost halve the healing time.

Complete healing of wound surfaces is achieved. A powerful positive effect is achieved already on the second or third day of treatment, and the action of preparations based on fetal progenitor cells continues even months after wound healing. It leads to the mobilization of the regenerative processes of the body and to the rejuvenation of organs and tissues.

The effects obtained with the use of our unique technique for the speed and quality of healing are unattainable by other known modern methods.